News You Already Know: San Francisco Is The “Most Social” City In The U.S.

With Facebook, Twitter, and what seems like half the apps in the world headquartered here, we're not so surprised that a new study by NetProspex (published on Huffington Post SF) has named several Bay Area cities some of the "most social" in the country. However, we're still quite proud. Coming in at number one on the annual report was none other than San Francisco, while San Jose came in second place, and Oakland at number 10. New York, Austin, and Ventura, California, rounded out the top five. According to Huff Po, the cities were ranked based on their "NetProspex Social Index (NPSI)" score, which measures the level of activity of locals and businesses on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Check out the rest of the results, and gloat a little bit at the link below.

Photo: Flickr

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