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Woop! S.F. Snags The Title For Best City In The U.S.

There are many moments throughout the day when we pause to take a sweeping look around, soak in the sublime views, and pinch ourselves just to remind us that, yes, we really do live in a city that seeps amazingness from every nook. The food, the scenery, the local ethos (sure, we may complain here and there about the weather, but Karl … we really do love you!) all lends a considerable impact in making S.F. so off-the-charts incredible.
So, it really comes as no surprise that the masses are starting to catch on to what we’ve known for eons: San Francisco is the best city in the U.S.! That’s no exaggeration, Bloomberg Businessweek recently crowned the city by the Bay the best destination for leisure amenities, education, and an artistic community for 2012. However, all these pros come with a con — hello, soaring real-estate prices! Regardless, we’re still sitting pretty at number one. See which Northwestern city came in a close second, plus who rounded out the top 10, at the link. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Photo: Via Bloomberg Businessweek