Want Epic? 8 Hidden S.F. Gems To Max Out Your Weekend

We live for the weekend. So, this summer, we're sharing the epic destinations that are filling up our 48 hours of uninterrupted freedom in this new series, Urban Tripping. Get inspired, and then show us your own #Epic48 weekend snaps on Instagram.
Nothing beats a warm, sunny day in San Francisco. Sure, you could always hotfoot it to Dolores Park, Bi-Rite snacks in tow, but the city has so many hidden treasures — places you probably haven’t even explored yet.
We scoured the Bay to find eight killer activities that’ll put your ol’ cheese spread to shame. And, to round ‘em up, we teamed up with Secret and its Destinations and Scent Expressions Collections to help you stay fresh and smell sweet when you’re hopping from one place to the next. From a dog park that only admits pugs to a fully stocked vintage party bus, these unknown gems guarantee a kick-ass weekend — and Instagram feed.