San Franciscans Can't Get No Sexual Satisfaction, According To Trojan

According to a new survey by Trojan, San Franciscans aren't very satisfied (at least compared to other cities) when it comes to action in the sack. This news comes out of a relatively unscientific survey of 1,000 people around the country that were polled by Trojan condoms in the ambitiously named report "Trojan U.S. Sex Census." While we're taking these results with a grain of salt, they still might be of interest to some. So, here we go! First off, Los Angeles and Houston get the award for the most sexed-up towns (residents do it 135 and 125 times a year, respectively), while Philly and Dallas get the least booty. And while we're not sure where S.F. fits into that mix, we do know that our fair city ranked lowest in sexual satisfaction (70%), followed by Boston (73%), Los Angeles (75%), and Chicago (75%). For more deets, click the link below. And now, back to the real news...

Photo: Flickr

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