Sagittarius - Love Horoscope May 2015

Newsflash, Sagittarius: Relationships aren’t going to “just happen.” You have to put time and attention towards cultivating them — even if you’d rather just live for the moment. Summon your inner planner this month, and get your love life into a more orderly groove. Having a regular date night can guarantee that you and your first mate won’t be like two ships passing in the night. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should waste time and energy on someone who doesn’t bring a proper ROI.

The full moon on the 3rd helps you cut ties with a toxic commitment-phobe or anyone who’s been giving you the runaround. This full moon could also bring a fantasy-fueled romantic high — one that’s long overdue. While you love the thrill of the chase, you could fall head over heels for the steady, reliable type mid-month. With lusty Mars moving into your committed relationship house from May 11 until June 24, you’ll actually prefer the company of one special soul. Warning: Mars energy can be aggressive and you could come on too strong if you aren’t careful. Coupled archers, don’t start lovers’ quarrels to keep things “exciting.” With ardent Venus in your seduction zone from May 7 on, you’d be better off channeling that energy into a marathon makeout session. Red alert! Mercury turns retrograde from May 18 to June 11, which could cause an ex to resurface. If it were merely bad timing that kept you apart, this could be worth exploring. But, an irreconcilable difference won’t go away without both parties doing some inner work. With the sun opposing discerning Saturn on the 22nd, you may have to stick up for yourself in love or negotiate a difficult compromise in order to keep a relationship on track.

Your Beauty Forecast: A Painterly Eye
To get the look, apply three cream shadows to the lid in abstract patterns: bronze, blue, and cactus green. Using a white cream shadow, go in between the shadows. The look is imperfect, so don't drive yourself crazy trying to get it identical from eye to eye. Keep the lashes bare. Finish with bronzer alongside your cheekbones and highlighter on top of the cheekbones, under the brow, and on the Cupid’s bow. Finish with a taupey-brown lipstick.

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Photographed by Justin Borbely; Illustrated by Sydney Hass; Styled by Laura Pritchard; Makeup by Ashleigh B Ciucci; Hair by Adam Maclay; Manicure by Maki Sakamoto; Set design by Kate Landucci; Modeled by Terra Grantham for Elite.

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