Road Trip Time! We’ve Rounded Up 5 Must-Hit Places In Sac

Even though we call San Francisco home, we tend to tap into our California love by branching out from time to time. Our latest adventure? Sac Town! And, let us tell you, it has much more going on than just being our Golden State's capital. As proof, we've rounded up the five must-visit haunts. With a standout vintage shopping scene and restos that make our tongues wag, trust us when we say Sac is like S.F.'s cool little sis.

Scout Living

At Scout Living, you won't have to dig through a pile of dusty trinkets to unearth a hidden gem — that's because it's chock-full of 'em in a clean, curated environment! The quaint space with a charming brick facade boasts vintage finds hunted down by over 20 vendors and focuses on bygone Danish furnishings. Married co-owners Erin and Stefan Betz Bloom have San Francisco roots, which explains why we can't help but gravitate to their space...well, that and their amazing selection of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Manolo Blahnik designs, of course. After perusing down the many, many rows of cool knacks — metal specs from the '50s anyone? — we're convinced it's a must-see. Scouts honor!

Scout Living, 1215 18th Street (at L Street); 916-594-7971.


Ginger Elizabeth

When your blood sugar drops, there's no better place to give it a boost than at Ginger Elizabeth. The sweet shop, located a stone's throw away from Scout Living peddles the most melt-in-your-mouth, taste-bud stimulating treats made by Francophile confectioner Ginger Elizabeth (talk about a fitting name!). We suggest biting into the raspberry rose and lavender caramel chocolates, but if you want to go for the gold (literally) then get the Palet d’ors made with real 24k flakes. Talk about rich chocolate!

Ginger Elizabeth, 1801 L Street (at 18th Street); 916-706-1738.


Sacramento may not have a major league baseball team, but it makes up for this with better-than-ballpark franks at Lowbrau! The German-style bier halle is also a bratwurst haven, serving up juicy sausages (and vegan options) with loads of dipping sauces to be washed down with a refreshing draught beer (including limited edition batches from Belgium) on the spacious corner deck. The vibe is all-around cool, with Empire of the Sun tunes blaring from the speakers and thoughtful design touches.

Lowbrau, 1050 20th Street (at J Street); 916-706-2636.

Hello XOXO

Don't let the cutesy, bohemian storefront fool you, Hello XOXO is so much more than a DIY workshop. While it does host how-to classes on creating handmade pieces like crochet scarves and snow globe terrariums, its mission goes way beyond craft work. Founded by Carolina Wanata (an AAU alum!) and Jessica Pollock, the workshop aims to strengthen the womanhood community in the region through bonding activities, including "bitch sessions" where gals can exhale negative energy. Class fees benefit Weef, a local center for battered women. Best yet, Hello XOXO has plans to expand as a non-profit in cities like S.F. Sign us up!

Hello XOXO, 919 20th Street (at J Street Alley); No phone.



Ordinarily, the hardest part about leaving the city is missing all the delectable cuisine it serves up on the regular. Luckily, we can get a taste of the Bay in the Capitol, with downtown resto Blackbird. Chef Carina Lampken comes to Sac Town by way of S.F. favorites like Bar Crudo and Absinthe, and no doubt uses that culinary know-how to brew mmm-inducing pots of Captain Blackbird clam and seafood chowder. (Bonus: The soup is soon to be available at Whole Foods stores, in case you crave it post-trip.)

Blackbird, 1015 9th Street (at J Street); 916-498-9224.

Other Notables:

Bows and Arrows, 1815 19th Street (at S Street); 916-822-5668.

Old Soul, 1716 L Street (at Rear Alley); 916-443-7685.

Rail Bridge Cellars, 921 11th Street (at J street); 916-492-2530.

Photo: Via Ginger Elizabeth

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