Technology At Its Weirdest: App Alerts Best Times To Pee During Movies

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It's a crisis literally beyond our bodily control: You're in the movie theatre. You're about to find out the identity of the murderer (it's always the sweet teenage girl), watch as the star-crossed lovers finally kiss, or experience the unbelievably hilarious moment everyone will be talking about for days. Then, that uncontrollable urge strikes — you need to go to the restroom. Curse you, cherry-flavored ICEE. Curse your sweet sweetness.
In the name of all micro-first-world problems, we have a solution for you: Before you miss a vital scene, download the RunPee app. Available on iPhones and Android phones, this handy program tells you the best times — the lulls — in any movie in which you should leave to handle your business. Your phone will quietly vibrate before each "peetime" and even summarize what's happening in the movie while you're away. Fancy!
Okay, we realize this app is weird, but it's the kind of small innovation that's strangely helpful. So, beverage lovers and those with overactive bladders, rejoice — you can enjoy that soda-size upgrade without hardly missing a beat...or without doing that wacky crossed-legs dance.

Photo: Courtesy of RunPee

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