Rose-Scented Products That Won’t Make You Gag

We're assuming you've probably seen about a zillion stories in your feed at this point featuring either rose- or chocolate-scented products. Because, obviously, we're all hyper literal when it comes to scent cues around national holidays. Don't stand next to us around Christmas time, or the smell of pine trees and spiced nog might knock you on your ass.
Alright, we're done with the sarcasm (for now). We're big fans of love in all forms, and we're definitely sweet on roses 'round these parts. So, we get wanting to smell like them, we really do. Problem is, many of the beauty products out there that have rose scents are just kind of, well, gag-inducing. Either too sickly sweet or that varietal known colloquially as "grandma rose," it's a lot harder than it should be to find things that actually smell anything like a real rose. Kind of defeats the purpose, no?
In the spirit of the holiday, for those that do enjoy their roses beyond bouquet form (and because we want to throw up when we're crammed in a subway car and some girl's eau de faux rose is invading our nostrils), we've gathered up nine gorgeous goodies that smell like the real rose deal.

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