Your Favorite Childhood Characters Just Got Dark AF

There are few feelings as deeply satisfying as finding a new favorite television show to obsess over. Any standing plans go by the wayside, and it becomes a feat to talk about anything but the latest episode (even when my coworkers have clearly had enough). I don't fall for many series, but when I do I fall hard and won't shut up about them.
When I first heard about Riverdale, the much-hyped new CW show premiering this Thursday, January 26, I felt wary of taking the plunge. Archie comics ruled my childhood, and Betty, Veronica, and the rest — all of whom serve as inspiration for the Riverdale cast — feel precious to me. Still, the ads teased plot twists, sinister undercurrents, and a whole lot of drama, so I went for it and got my hands on the first episode. Without giving too much away, I'll say that my crew is back in all its glory but with a very dark makeover. Whether you're an OG Archie fan or not, take a sneak preview at the cast, and get (re)aquainted with your new faves.

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