The Case For Reading Your Rising Sign's Horoscope

Photographed by Nicholas Bloise.
So, you've seen an astrologer to have your birth chart drawn up and interpreted. You've learned all about your moon sign, rising sign, and possibly the rest of your planetary signs, too. You've embraced the fact that you're so much more than your sun sign. Now what?
If you feel like you're squandering the rest of your astrological identity, simply change how you approach your horoscope. Reading your rising sign's horoscope instead of your sun sign's horoscope is a great way to put your extensive astrological knowledge to everyday use. (Pro tip: Your sun sign is the sign you most likely identify with already, since it's the one most people associate with horoscopes.)
Your rising sign, also known as your ascendant sign, represents your exterior self and the personality traits that people first notice about you. You probably act through your rising sign more often than you think, especially when you're just going about your regular life, running errands and going to work. Since we usually read our horoscope to find out how the stars will affect our everyday lives, it makes sense for some people to check the sign that they tend to present to the outside world instead of their sun sign.
Of course, you may not be incredibly familiar with your rising sign's personality and behavior. Don't let that deter you. The first few weeks (or even months) of reading your rising sign's horoscope will probably see you learning more about that sign and how you identify with it. After that, you'll be able to decide whether you want to stick with your rising's horoscope or go back to your old routine (or perhaps start reading your moon sign's horoscope instead).
And, if you can't bear to part with your sun sign for good (not that that's what we're suggesting), some astrology enthusiasts recommend reading both sign's horoscopes in tandem. One Redditor explained that these predictions will form a much clearer and more complete picture of the week to come.
To get a little deeper, it's said that your rising sign reflects who you are here and now, while your sun sign is the person that you're slowly becoming. If you think that framework applies to your rising and sun signs, you can consult your rising sign's horoscope when you want immediate advice and your sun sign when you want to look farther ahead.
But, if you happen to like the info you get from your 'scope week after week, there's no reason to make a major change. Horoscopes, no matter which ones you read or how deeply you interpret them, should never be a source of stress — only inspiration (and, we'd hope, a little fun).

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