Refinery29 x Numerous Drawings “No Look” Sketch Contest

To celebrate our favorite boys turning one, we're throwing a party! Okay, so neither of those two statements were exactly true, but we are getting in on the celebratory spirit to fete Shipley & Halmos designers' Jeff Halmos and Sam Shipley's first year anniversary of their totally procrastination-worthy blog, Numerous Drawings. No need to buy presents; Instead, the site, which features drawings by the guys posted daily, is giving you good gift with their Refinery29 x Numerous Drawings "No Look" Sketch Contest. Check out the rules below to see how you can score the ultimate doodler's prize package, with loot like a canvas tote bag, a limited-edition Moleskine, and more, that will have you sketching all day long! Who knows, this could be your big break!


Rules: Pick a recognizable subject (ie: Randy Johnson, Selena Gomez, Teddy Roosevelt, etc). Without looking at the paper, create your best sketch of the chosen subject. You are not allowed to look at the page, so trust your instincts! No altering the drawing after completion and absolutely no erasers allowed! 1 sketch submission per person, and only 1 attempt at a drawing per person (honor system).

Winning Sketch: Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos will pick their favorite sketch. The winner will receive a THINGS! by S&H drawing package, which includes an artist canvas tote bag, Moleskine for Numerous Drawings limited-edition notebook (with a special hand-written note from Sam himself), and a pack of art career pencils. Plus, the winning sketch will be posted on the Numerous Drawings blog on April 13th.

Runners-Up: Sam and Jeff will also pick 3 additional submissions as runners-up. Each runner-up will receive a Moleskine for Numerous Drawings limited edition notebook.

How to enter: Email your submissions to
The contest ends April 14.

Artwork by Jeff Halmos.

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