Spring Makeover! Check Out The Brand-New R29 Mobile Experience

You regale your brunch buddies with our latest videos. You sneak a slideshow or two when your date goes to the bathroom. Your scrolling thumb might actually be developing a callus, and we're partially to blame. Yep, R29 mobile addicts, you know who you are — and we’ve got some news for you: The site you love just got a major makeover.
After a year of building, testing, and listening to your feedback, we're finally taking the wraps off Refinery29’s brand-new, completely redesigned mobile experience. Starting today, the R29 you pull up on your phone is faster, cleaner, more intuitive, and way sharper-looking (just consider it our version of spring cleaning). Coming at you in feed form, it’s a fresh way to browse that’s better and more addictive in every way (apologies in advance to your brunch buddies).
Hit the video below for all the details, then click ahead to get a breakdown of all of the new features we're offering. And then, prepare your scrolling thumbs and make your way over to your smartphone, for a never-ending stream of R29 goodness.
Oh, and we want to know what you think! Send questions, comments, or just heaps of praise to us, right here.

More readable
All the great content you want is now presented in a brand-new design that's both spiffier and simpler. Absolutely no clutter here — our new “card” design lets you see one gorgeous story at a time, and effortlessly swipe past anything you don't want to read. It's a never-ending stream of must-see that's way easier to use (and easy on the eyes, too).


More seamless
You'll never have to hit the “back” button again. With our new design, you just have hit "read more" to dive straight in to the articles you want, without ever leaving the main feed. So, the next need-to-read article is never more than a quick scroll away.

Easier slideshows
Our slideshows are pretty addictive, if we do say so ourselves. On the new site, just swipe left to navigate through all the pics. Getting your daily dose of eye candy couldn't be simpler.

More shareable
Posting our most addictive content to your Facebook feed has never been simpler. Because, you shouldn't have to work so hard to share your shopping wish list — or that adorable J Lawr moment.


More good stuff
You know R29’s way more than just fashion. Now, you can tap the upper right corner of our mobile screen to see everything we've got going on. From style advice and beauty DIYs to music news and celeb exclusives, it's never been easier to find the things you love.


Better video
Just tap the "play" button, right there in the story, to instantly view any video. Because all those Trend Takeouts, hair DIYs, and viral cat videos really can't wait.


Just plain prettier
Bigger pics, fasters slideshows, and a cleaner design mean you’ve got quite a few more reasons to obsessively check your phone...just make sure to break for eye contact every so often. Happy scrolling!


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