Genius Tips For Getting Rid Of Facial & Undereye Puffiness

deprivation, eating high-sodium foods, and late-night partying can result in
tired, puffy eyes and sallow-looking skin in the morning. But, not to worry, as I have two quick
and easy tricks that will help alleviate facial and undereye puffiness, leaving you looking fresh and bright.  

Try an ice water & witch hazel dunk.
First, fill your bathroom sink with cold water and toss in approximately 15 ice cubes. Next, pour one-third of a cup of natural witch hazel into the water. Be sure to use one
that is alcohol-free. Dunk your face (yes, dunk; don’t just splash) in and out 10 times. This method will help eliminate puffiness, because the cold temperature reduces inflammation in the face by constricting the blood vessels, which will cause better fluid circulation and the drainage of excess fluid. Additionally, witch hazel has natural anti-inflammatory, puffiness-reducing properties, so it will help calm the skin and add moisture to it, as well. The result is hydrated, refreshed, and less puffy skin.

Go for a cold press.
option is to grab anything cold out of the refrigerator (ice, bag of frozen
peas, etc.) and apply it to the puffy area for at least 10 minutes. While cucumbers
have historically been the antidote for puffy undereyes, there actually isn’t
anything miraculous about them. It’s the cold temperature that the slices of cucumber give off
that helps ease the bloat. 

Note that the only type of puffiness that can be
reduced from cold pressing is the kind that is not normally there. Unfortunately, there
is no cure for chronic puffiness or undereye bags except for cosmetic surgery. 

There’s a simple test you can do to determine if your undereye puffiness is due to fat (which means it's chronic), or if it’s excess of fluid and can respond to my tips. All you have to do is press the skin under your eyes. If it stays pressed in, then it is fluid. If the skin immediately springs back up, then it’s fat.  Typically, when the problem is caused by fluid retention, you will notice that the bags or puffiness look worse when you wake up but look a little better as the day goes on, or you may only notice it some days and not others. If the problem is excess fat, then you will see the bags all the time — morning, noon, and night — every day.

If you're afflicted by the former, follow
these simple tricks and no one will ever know how tired you are.    


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