Red Door Spa Opens Up…In Your Home

The spa day: Yes, it's a cliche, but for good reason. In an ever-more-hectic and plugged-in world, there are few places where you're allowed — and in this case, downright required — to shut down and unwind, so the opportunity to camp out at a spa can be one of the best stress fixes out there. The problem? Especially for the price, a spa treatment can feel too short to truly make a lasting difference in your skin or your ongoing stress levels.
The folks at Elizabeth Arden's famous Red Door Spa understand that good skin care (and the quest for relaxation) is an ongoing process — and that most of us can't afford regular facials. In order to allow women to bring a piece of their spa treatments home, they've launched not one, but three new product lines. The first, Intensive Skin Care Solutions, is a line of treatment products design to treat everything from acne to redness to fine lines; the second, Customized Daily Essentials, includes cleansers, toners, masks and moisturizers that are perfect for daily care; and the third, Body Renewal, will help prolong the glow from that salt scrub.
Specifically designed to compliment the spa's treatments, the new lines mean that if you loved your treatment, you can continue to pamper your skin over time, Red Door style. The best part? The products aren't priced in the stratosphere, so even if you can't swing a series of spa treatments, you can still reap the benefits of skin care developed over Elizabeth Arden's 100 years in the skin care industry. And hey, while you're at it, turn that phone off for an hour — consider it a gift to yourself.

Red Door Spa Professional Skin Care, $20-$120, available at Red Door Spas.

Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Arden

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