Recharge Your Pitchfork Batteries At Vitamin Water's Perfect Pitstop

Do312 has been around the block when it comes to Pitchfork, and knows that even seasoned festival vets need a breather every now and then. We're gearing up for a scorching weekend, and in between bands, beers, and sunscreen reapplications, you can take a break with Do312 at Vitamin Water Uncapped Live, a 3-day pit stop for Pitchforkers. Inside you'll find drinks, bites, A/C, and after parties. Think you'll be missing out on music? Ha! This bash has a lineup too, one that you wont want to miss. Check it out and RSVP. The event is free, but you'll want your name on this list, trust us.
1747 West Hubbard Street (at Wood Street, about 5 blocks North of the Pitchfork Music Festival).
Treasure Fingers image courtesy of AM Only.

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