Food Chain Mail: Rats Could Be Eating Your Holiday Treats, Right Now

Everyone loves getting yummy packages in the mail, just in time for the holiday season— unfortunately, we really do mean everyone, rodents included. According to The New York Times' hard-hitting field work conducted over the course of a few nibbled-on packages, our city's most populous critters have been getting to the good stuff before the intended recipients have a chance to unwrap them and enjoy their deliciousness (at least in the case of one midtown post office).

Even though this is, like, really creepy and gross, for some reason that little chewed-up box in the picture has us saying awww and shuddering in revulsion at the same time. So, just be careful, holiday-food senders, because you know what happens when you give a mouse a cookie...
New York Times


Photo: Via New York Times

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