These Are The Craziest Job Interview Questions We’ve Ever Heard

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There are some questions you can expect to be asked during an interview. Despite rumors of its imminent demise, "What's your greatest weakness?" is still chugging along, as are run-of-the-mill queries like "Why are you interested in this job?" to "What do you think the main challenges of this job will be?"
However, you may meet an interviewer who decides to throw a few weird curveballs your way. If that happens, stay calm. Sure, it sucks to feel like you're being tripped up just for the lolz, but interviewers sometimes have a reason behind their odd inquiries. Most often, they're just trying to see how you think on your toes and behave in the face of an unexpected situation.
We've rounded up some of the wackiest questions interviewees have reportedly been asked. It's worth taking a look, so you know what to expect if the unexpected calls.
If you wouldn't be able to bust out your language skills on command if asked, don't say you're multilingual on your résumé. The same obviously goes for other talents...
This may be is an awkward attempt to understand your background better, but it's also borderline discriminatory. (In which case, answering truthfully, but considering how much you'd actually want to work for this person might be worth thinking through...).
This question is weird, but also kind of fun? (I mean, maybe!)
We're still wondering if this is a math question. Or was it an interview for a pet company?
This seems like a variation on the "greatest weakness" question:
"What _________ would you be?" is a very popular genre of interview question. Would you be a couch because you're supportive and present? Or a fan, because you're energetic and a direct communicator. (Clearing the air and all, get it?) Have fun with questions like these and be a little creative — your interviewer obviously is.
In defense of this, if you ask someone straight out, "How are you creative?" you'll probably get some boring answers. At the same time, being able to think like a nickel-sized human doesn't mean you'll be a great employee.
This just looks like poor preparation on behalf of the interviewer. (Or maybe washing dishes is really intense, and you'll need to be able to patch yourself up in a fix?)
If someone answered "Rocky Road" would they immediately be shown the door?
I'd go with: "A Christmas tree, because I come with many gifts."
The responsible answer might be best for this...
According to some people who responded to this woman's post, this question actually has roots in psychology. (Kind of like all those psychopath test scenarios.) You could answer yes because the urge to jump off of high places really is a "thing," and that might be spinnable as daring or adventurous. On the other hand, it might be best to play it safe and go with a "no."
This could go really wrong, but this interviewee also answered with aplomb. It's a hard balance to strike: You don't want to say you'd become unhinged, but if you really do want the job, you don't want to seem like you wouldn't care if the company or organization passed on you.
Relatedly, this is also a popular oddball interview question:

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