5 Rainy-Day 'Dos That Put Your Pony To Shame

I have conflicting feelings when it comes to spring. On one hand, you've got warmer weather, cuter clothes, and a reason to have a beer (or three) outside during the day. On the other hand, you've got every type of rain imaginable. Whether it's pouring, drizzling, misting, or spritzing, this season means one thing for you: serious tress stress. I can already feel my skin crawling.
So, how do you reconcile it being wet out in the world with the fact that you cannot (seriously, cannot) walk into your office with your hair in yet another ponytail — lest you become known as that girl? Easy: Turn your rainy-day styles directly on their head. And, we rounded up five 'dos, ripped from the runways, that do just that, putting the messy bun you've been wearing since high school to shame. Yep, time to retire that one, too.

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