The Most Annoying Uses Of Punctuation In Pop Culture

When Straight Outta Compton hits theaters this week, we expect it to tell us all about how N.W.A revolutionized rap on the West Coast. It will chronicle the rise of Gangsta Rap, the attention it garnered from the FBI, the dissolution of Eazy-E's career, and maybe even the way Ice Cube went on to become a cuddly movie star while Dr. Dre set out to make headphones. But will it once and for all explain the question on the minds of music writers and editors for decades: Why isn't there a period after the A?
If that missing period has never bothered you before, it will probably either really bug you from now on, or it will make you think that whoever it bothers is a super-nerd who needs to chill already with the unwanted editing. In which case, just stop reading this.
Of course, we believe in artistic freedom. Of course, we think grammar rules are okay to be broken once in a while (witness the sentence fragment in the last paragraph). Although sometimes, random punctuation in artist names, titles, and comic book heroes crosses the line from "creative" to nonsensical. Not to mention it can be really difficult to type. Ever tried to use fun. in a sentence? Have you texted a friend about seeing The Man From U.N.C.L.E.? Now that people text and share on social media all the time, these things are becoming everyone's problem.
Scratch that. These names are not anyone's problem. It's just really fun (fun.) to complain about them.

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