EASY Beauty Advice From A Jet-Setting Starlet

Keeping up with your beauty routine can be a ton of work. You have to be diligent about taking off your makeup (every night) and adapt your skin-care routine to the change of season. We’re not even going to get into your morning beautifying rituals. But, making yourself look good each and every day doesn’t have to be a total time suck. To prove our point, we'd like you to meet Puja Mohindra, a local actress (she's been in everything from foreign films to Chicago Fire) whose gorgeous looks come with minimal effort.
We caught up with the vivacious starlet at theWit Hotel, where she gave us the scoop on her rising status — and her busy-girl skin-care secrets. Mohindra loves a good drugstore find and uses a Sally Hansen product for keeping her gams looking flawless. And, when it comes to dressing on the fly, you'll never guess her secret weapon for keeping her strapless dresses from slipping (it's not what you think!). Ahead, the Chicago native shares the beauty tricks she relies on for looking fresh and beautiful, no matter her crazy schedule. We’re pretty sure you’re gonna want to steal them all.

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