The Latest Frankenfood: Donut Tacos

Photographed by Ben Ritter.
SoCal may be a taco mecca, but it's also home to the latest taco mashup. According to InStyle, Puesto, a chain of luxe taquerias with locations in Orange County and San Diego, created a donut-shaped taco entrée that integrates some very high-end ingredients.
While most Instagram-worthy foods cost more than their basic counterparts — unicorn-colored extras don't come cheap — Puesto's donut taco costs $60 thanks to the inclusion of filet mignon, Maine lobster, and avocado.
First, filet mignon gets mixed with a layer of cheese. That's formed on a griddle so that the meat gets enveloped in the oozy, melty cheese before the mixture gets shaped into a ring shape. That's about all the dish has in common with a donut, since there's no actual dough involved and it's definitely not a breakfast food.
The ring of meat gets topped with pieces of Maine lobster and arranged atop six house-made stone-ground blue corn tortillas (adding one more Insta-ready color to the mix). It's finished with avocado and a duet of cremas (cilantro and chipotle), making for a picture-perfect meal that's great for sharing on social media and IRL.
Puesto's taco donut is part of the chain's new fall menu, so it's not available just yet, though it's set to hit all three locations on August 15. Past menu items have made headlines, too. Earlier this year, Puesto offered up a vegetarian-friendly fried-cheese taco for Lent, which eschewed meat and replaced it with plancha-fried hunks of oozy cheese topped with kumquats from Melissa's Produce. With a heavy lean on those premium ingredients and fresh twists on Mexican food, there's probably a slew of other attention-grabbing entrées on the way this fall, too.
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