We're Willing To Shell Out $145 For This Proenza Schouler Beach Blanket

While we've been siphoning off a portion of our paycheck for gym visits, cleanses, and of course summer whites, we're willing to part with more Benjamins after spying this Proenza Schouler beach blanket over on T —after all, we have to show off our warm-weather body in style. Though we'd usually say $145 is a little steep for something that's going to get sandy quick, we're making an exception for those PS boys (c'mon, they just scooped up a CFDA!); The bold geometric, pixelated print in attention-grabbing hues is sure to give our tans an added edge, plus, we think we could get creative and work it into our apartments come September. And, if you're a true Schouler junkie, there's a tricked-out bucket beach bag (think mesh compartments, waterproof pockets, and bungee chords) that's worthy of a weekend escape. Book your oceanside vacation now and leave the PS1 at home—the towel and bag hits proenzaschouler.com tomorrow.

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