There’s No “Right Way” To Feel About A Pregnancy Test. Here’s How 5 Women Processed Their Results.

Illustrated by Michelle K Lin
The act of taking a pregnancy test can mean so many different things to so many different people. No matter your desired outcome, the results can feel anywhere from entirely world-shifting to utterly inconsequential. 
For some, while waiting for a verdict to show, there are moments of panic. For others, there’s exhilaration. The range of emotions is endlessly nuanced, and deeply personal. There are those trying desperately to conceive, and those for whom parenthood is not the right personal choice. There are those who don’t know what to feel — or those who wrestle with both ends of the spectrum simultaneously. Among so many other private and public factors, financial stability undeniably plays a role in the choices we make surrounding parenthood.
That’s why we partnered with First Responseto explore and honor the complex, dynamic, ever-intimate range of sentiments attributed to taking a pregnancy test. Ahead, meet five real women who represent some of the many narratives that come along with taking a test, and hear how their results prompted them to reconsider the shapes of their futures.
All interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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