The Game-Changing Product Missing From Your Hair Routine

We know what you’re thinking: Another step to add to our already laborious beauty regimens? But if gorgeous, healthy hair is what you’re after, consider a pre-shampoo treatment your new necessity.
These products can do it all, from priming your tresses before coloring to hydrating heat-damaged strands and even protecting your hair from other products.
“Frequent shampooing and use of hair products have a tendency of stripping the hair of necessary oils, which results in a lack of body and shape,” says colorist Christophe Robin. “That’s why pre-shampoo treatments are important. They help protect, restore moisture, and ultimately improve hair texture.”
Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin agrees, adding, “Shampoos can often be too harsh on damaged or fine hair types, so a pre-shampoo treatment does wonders to protect the hair.” So while adding this step does cost you an extra 10 or 20 minutes, it’s clearly well worth the time (after all, you can always let the product work its magic as you binge on House of Cards, exfoliate, make a cup of coffee, or do 1,000 other things).
Read on for nine treatments specifically formulated to cater to every hair concern.

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