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4/20 Alert: You Don’t Need To Burn One Down For This High

As reefer madness reaches its yearly fever pitch today, endless doobies are rolled, Sublime songs are blasted (unless Bob Marley or Jerry Garcia are more your speed, of course), Pineapple Express is undoubtedly screened, and souls across America mellow out with their precious Mary Jane. Random fact: Did you know that the hazy "holiday" was dubbed as such by a group of stoney '70s NorCal teens who chose 4:20 p.m. as their time to treasure hunt for an abandoned crop of ganja? The time then turned into a pop culture term when Deadheads hit the scene.
Anyway, we've come a long way since those dazed days — cannabis isn't exactly hard to come by, with dispensaries on practically every block here in L.A. But, here's something that you won't find on the Venice Boardwalk: pot-infused vino. No, really, greens are getting all sophisticated in this latest liquid craze, that's making its way up and down the Cali coast (brings a whole new meaning to Panama Red, right?).
For the record, we're not endorsing this euphoric brew, but the recipe's fairly simple, and we'll leave you to click through to check it out. Booze always makes us crave sweets, so we can only imagine what this double whammy of inebriants might do to rev up that appetite. A 7-11 run would most likely be in order, pre-guzzling. Nothing like cheetos and vino for that, ahem, high-low effect, right? (MSN)

Photos: Via MSN

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