These Pretty Post-Its Made For Ladies Are Confusing To Us

So, this is making us feel feelings. These small, brightly colored Post-It dispensers are certainly clever, rendered in darling little cases like mini-purses, mirrored compacts, and a note-dispersing diamond. In fact, the world of Post-Its hasn't felt this lively since, say, the days of Romy and Michele.
Yet, we pause. Not for lack of spaces and places to leave small passive-aggressive messages or reminders to call parents, but because it feels somewhat limiting when our office supplies are so obviously gendered. Bloggers everywhere rankled when Bic created its "For Her" line, made for our sensitive and easily confused fingers, so how is this — which banks on our penchant for shiny things and fancy rocks — any different?
Perhaps it is because, whilst the Bic For Her pens were just pens that came in pink, at least these Post-Its have some sort of design element involved. Though they play on stereotypically "girlie" things, like purses and compacts, this is arguably a stylish and interesting way to dispense your paper goods. The implication is, then, that if Post-Its are just going to lay there on a desk, they might as well have some sort of glamour component. (True, the suggestion that women only like things that contain a glamour component is problematic, but Post-Its certainly isn't the first brand to try this tactic on us gals.) So, while it isn't just "pink" and shilled to us with an insulting commercial, it does rely on tired signifiers to incite us to buy. But, hey, it's a Post-It dispenser shaped like a it isn't all bad. (Racked)

Photo: Courtesy of 3M

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