Polyvore’s Coolest New Feature? Collage-Worthy Beauty Products!

Bobbi Brown 3x4
With Google leaving a lot to be desired when it comes to searching for clothing online, it's another Mountain View-based site, Polyvore, which has become our go-to when looking for super-specific items (cat-print T-shirts, for example). And now, the site, which also allows users to create shopable collages of their favorite on-the-market items, is getting even more helpful thanks to the addition of beauty.
According to WWD, the fashion-meets-tech destination is now including searchable beauty products so users can finally polish off their personal style boards with cosmetic accessories. Just head to the search bar and select the newly launched beauty category, which has subcategories such as skincare, nails, and fragrance, and immediately partake in this new-and-improved feature.
Our favorite part? Devoted beauty seekers can simply click on any color in the box provided and see tons of products pop up in the desired shade.
Ready for a fresh new makeup routine, just in time for spring? Head to the site and see if your most coveted products are there. And, obvi, check out our beauty section for a guide on how to use ‘em!

Photo: Via Bobbi Brown

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