Pokemon & Fashion In One Tumblr. Why Didn’t We Think Of This?

This R29er doesn't like to brag, even if she did catch all of the original 150 Pokémon (and has since indulged in the vast rainbow of games that have come out since good ol' red and blue). It's fair to say that both Pokémon and fashion are awesome, but in two very, very different ways. Pokémon reminds many of us of our childhoods spent bent over a brick-like gameboy, catching fake animals instead of interacting with real ones. And we don't have to sell you on why fashion is awesome, do we?

Well, some genius decided to combine the two in the new tumblr aptly named,
Fashion & Pokémon
, where he sticks Pokémon into (already bizarre) fashion editorials. The strange thing (or, really, not-so-strange thing) is that the Pokémon really fit right in; whether they're trolling Meryl Streep or just chillin' with Emma Watson. C'mon, it's Christmas, so take some time to indulge your inner child today. Check it out for yourself before we get all fury swipes on your ass (Hits 3 times! It's not very effective...).

Image: Via Pokemon & Fashion

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