This Person Is Holding Pizza All Wrong & It Is The Worst

Photographed by Ashley Batz.
We say a lot of things on the internet are the WORST. And usually we're exaggerating. But we're thinking that this time, we might actually be spot-on. Because this man carrying a pizza in the absolutely most incorrect way possible is, by far, the worst. We mean it.

Grub Street Storified the following Twitter rant, about a guy who worked at Philadelphia Style Pizza and Subs. The characters: A regular, who orders two cheese pizzas every week. The tweeter, @sad_tree, and his coworkers. The problem?
Yes, that's right. Every week, the customer comes up, takes the pizza boxes, and holds them by his side like textbooks. Vertically.

As any pizza-lover knows, this formation will move all of the melted cheese to one end of the pie, potentially leaving a few slices bare of both sauce and cheese, and the rest of the toppings in a blob on the other end. "I've never hated anyone in my life except [this guy]," @sad_tree tweeted.

So why does the mysterious customer insist on holding the pizzas that way? Why can't he just take the extra care to hold the boxes flat, the right way? Why must he infuriate the cooks, front-of-house people, and the Twitterverse? Follow along below.

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