Why Pink Stinks: Two Moms Take A Stand Against Gender Stereotyping

A few months ago, we met a little girl who was not going to settle for the precious pink toys that were being pushed her way. Preach! But it wasn't just young Riley who was riled up at children's brands pressuring girls to pick pink — and of course, boys, blue. London-based mom Emma Moore and her sister Abi started pushing back on the pink four years ago when they created their own organization to bring "damaging gender stereotyping" to light — appropriately naming their project Pinkstinks.
For those of you who haven't frequented the toy aisle recently, a peek at the Pinkstink site may jog your memory of some familiar Disney princesses, plastic vanity mirror sets, and gowns for playing dress-up. However, we also caught a glimpse of a pink Monopoly board, a tiny pastel set of scrubs, and a bubblegum-colored globe that have all been given the girly treatment, or so manufacturers would have you think. While pink's a wonderful color, even ladies who have more than enough rose, blush, and salmon in their wardrobe probably don't define their femininity simply based on the shade.
Or conversely, it isn't fair to think that men can't enjoy the color just as much. The counterpoint there was neatly illustrated by the pink outrage over Jenna Lyons' young son's painted nails, which came under serious scrutiny last year.
So, with that in mind, it's fair to say that it's not the color that bothers the moms behind Pinkstinks. The problem, Moore explains, also lies in the types of toys being targeted at children. For instance, while marketing suggests that little girls may look forward to their first makeup kit, little boys are given toys for outdoor activities — leaving both sexes pretty tightly confined by their selection.
This is a pretty age-old argument, but it's nice to see someone saying and doing something about it. But what do you think? Do you side with Pinkstinks in its efforts to end pink-centric marketing toward young girls? Or do you say no harm no foul? Let us know in the comments below. (PSFK via The Guardian)
Photo: Via PSFK

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