Pete Wentz’s Completely Horrible Guide To Chicago

Ignoring for a moment the gross factual inaccuracies in this video (yes, that was really hard), we have a bone to pick with local celeb Pete Wentz. Not that we expected that we share a lot in common with him, but we were more than a little surprised by his recent list of local faves. We don't expect someone who lives 80% of his life on a tour bus to be totally up-to-speed when it comes to local hang-outs and restos, but—Chuck Wagon—seriously? Next time you're here, Pete ol' buddy, check out the following: Publican for dinner, Lula for breakfast, The Art Institute for culture, and for deep dish...well okay you actually got that one right. There's a lot about Chicago that you're missing out on, and we beg you to branch out. For Pete's sake! (HuffPo)

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