Why We Love This Incredible Hulk Face Mask

perricone-chlorophyll-maskPhoto: Courtesy of Perricone MD.
When we think of face masks, we don't usually think of high-tech advancements. Clays, fruit enzymes, antioxidants — those are the usual suspects you find in the average line-up of masks. Micro-encapsulated beads of chlorophyll and a gel-to-clay texture? Not so much.
But, that's exactly what this new Chloro Plasma mask from Perricone MD contains. Intrigued? We were, too, which is why we decided to take this guy for a spin. The mask is said to work for all skin types to help purify and detoxify your complexion as well as smooth wrinkles and minimize the look of pores. All of this is accomplished with a formula that contains that aforementioned chlorophyll — from blue-green algae and watercress — and Dr. Perricone's proprietary plasma technology.
The mask itself is a kind of dull, grayish cream with tiny dark green dots scattered throughout. It looks like a whipped creme, but as you apply to your face, the texture turns to a matte clay and eventually the beads break, releasing the algae and watercress and turning your face a very Hulk-ish shade of forest green. From there, it just feels like any old clay mask, albeit in a very earthy color.
It's when you wash it off that you really see the difference. Skin looks smooth, pores are not so prominent, and there's a beautiful softness to both the feel and look of your skin. It clocks in at the budget price (well, for Perricone at least) of $75 and after one use, we can already say we're big fans. Mostly, we just like popping those tiny beads and watching everything turn green, but the glowing skin is a nice bonus, too.
Perricone MD Chloro Plasma, $75, available at Perricone MD.

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