Fragrances That Set The Mood, Whatever That Mood May Be

Once again, Cupid is out to get us with his amorous arrows and public displays of Instagram affection. Whether you’re a lover or hater of this Hallmark holiday, the right scent could effortlessly enhance your V-Day vibe. As a scent and synesthesia expert, I know a thing or two about perfume — so I mapped the perfect fragrance for YOUR Valentine’s Day style.
Though once considered a weak and unimportant sense, your sense of smell actually bears heavily on your social interactions and interpersonal perceptions. Vanilla slows the heart rate. Pumpkin and lavender bring all the boys to the yard elicit sexual attraction in males. Choosing the right fragrance can amp up your mood — and get you and your partner in “the mood.” Keep reading to discover a scent that aligns with your love stage and relationship roadmap.

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