5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 26 2011

Photographer Fulvio Bonavia creates edible designer dressed that may just be too pretty to eat. (Fashionista)
Perma-happy Paula Deen can't keep her excitement contained as she tells Jay Leno that she's getting her own clothing line. No butter was used in the creation of this collection (we hope). (The Cut)
Clothing that's the perfect balance between high-end couture and ready-to-wear? It's called "demi-couture" and it's more popular than you think. (Fashionologie)
The lesser-known but just-as-fab beauty contest circa the '60s... There she is, Miss Fat and Beautiful. (Jezebel)
Don't pass go. Don't collect $200. Banksy provides street art of Rich Uncle Pennybags for the London occupiers. (Flavorwire)
Photo: Via Fashionista

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