5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 17 2012

Beauty in a snap, literally. Pat McGrath keeps a breathtaking diary of her Fashion Week looks and we get to catch up on all the highlights — one polaroid at a time. (Vogue)
Pumps? Check. Kids? Check. Ponytail high enough to avoid Junior's tiny, grabby fingers? Oh, you bet. Vogue Russia explores the modern-day wondermom who does it all, and in Alaïa. (Fashion Gone Rogue)
Patti Smith, what are you doing to Reed Krakoff? Watch as the artist and musician defiles a gorgeous "Boxer" handbag with a black marker. This may hurt a little. (Nowness)
"I don’t take drugs because if I did I’d love them – I’d be a junkie.” Guess which designer made this admittance and, furthermore, why one theorist believes that creativity correlates with mental illness. (Styleite)
Had enough of fancy shmancy Diet Coke bottles, as designed by Jean Paul Gaultier? Hold on, here's one more look at the designs as seen on real life models — this time, no coke or bottles in sight. Okay, we think now that's enough. (The Frisky)
Photo: Via Vogue

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