Party or Show? Wintour’s Delectables, and a Provocative Soiree

You know that hand-embellished leather corset with two-inch metal spikes you've been dreaming of? Agent Provocateur's Soiree has got it for you.
A brief index of Anna Wintour's early days from her fire-setting days in fashion school to her "large" and "quite delectable" breasts. Yeah. That's right.
Apparently, when we got skeeved out by Sean Lennon's recent creeptastic photo homage to his father and mother, we hurt his little feelings.
Are parties the new shows, Style File asks. Frankly, we can't even tell the difference any more (too many Bellinis to the brain).
On that subject, reporter Chris Wilson is trying to hit every single goddamned party this Fashion Week. His funeral is scheduled for the 18th.
"You can't be a princess in this business. People see fashion from the end result, which is kind of a false facade. They only see this beautiful, glamorous world, but I don't think they realize it is one of the hardest careers out there."—Victoria Bartlett of VPL.
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