Brighten Up Any Room With This Super-Easy DIY

Z2kKC9iREl1XyrRdHKPrhSQ1lDLCphqoQtysxYwSMhMPhotos: Courtesy of Homepolish.
It only took one (sneak) peek at Leandra Medine's new office space for us to see that the folks at Homepolish — the interior geniuses responsible for the streamlined makeover — know what they're doing. Whether it's a total renovation or culling the perfect finishing touches, designers work by the hour to create a balanced space that just works. Oh, and they just launched in San Francisco & Chicago, too.
We love a good gallery wall, but if you’re going for a more streamlined vibe, sometimes, an oversized, dramatic piece of art makes more sense. Sure, in our dreams we would just waltz into any gallery and snag the first painting that struck our fancy, but we know you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a gorgeous home.
Which is why we love this DIY paint-by-numbers project from our L.A. Creative Director Orlando Soria. If you’re like us, the last time you did a paint-by-numbers project, you were still wearing slap bracelets and curating your Pogs collection, but they’re definitely back in a big way. Ahead, Orlando breaks down the steps to create your own giant paint-by-numbers mural — and you don’t have to be Roy Lichtenstein to pull it off.
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1. Source your image
I love seascapes, so I purchased a vintage paint-by-numbers painting on Craigslist for $150 (check Etsy for cheaper options). Once you have your piece, take a photo of it. You can also just source an image online of an old paint-by-numbers that you like. I have a whole Pinterest board of them.

2. Build your canvas
I purchased stretcher bars and canvas. This is the least expensive way to build a giant canvas, but if you're feeling lazy (and wealthy), just buy a pre-stretched canvas. If you want to make your own, here’s a handy tutorial.

SFzsDpqszY10pA4B_xYeqJAuVsa76gi0BsWeYV0LU9APhotos: Courtesy of Homepolish.

3. Trace your image
Using an opaque projector, trace your image onto the canvas with a pencil or chalk. This part can be confusing at first, but you can always fix your mistakes with paint, so don’t be too precious with it.

4. Color in the lines
Using your original image as a guide, fill in the lines of your painting with corresponding paint colors (opt for paint with an eggshell or flat finish, which makes mistakes less apparent).

nIQI8oMs9Hj6bk0M7XcpshhfWR_wRw894vDP7rzsPAsPhotos: Courtesy of Homepolish.

5. Cover your mistakes
No surprise here, but painting gets messy. Make sure to keep some extra containers of all your colors so you can go back over your mistakes and make the whole thing look perfect.

6. Hang and ogle away!
Large-scale art is such a glamorous addition to any space. I think it looks especially exciting over a sofa or a bed.

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