Ovulating Women Can Tell Whether Someone’s Gay

A girl meets a boy at the Jane and finds out that he’s
not only taken, he’s gay (those hipsters are so confusing).
The solution? Take out an ovulating woman and she will be much more able to tell
you which way they sway than a non-ovulating woman. NBC reports that according to a study published online in the
journal Psychological Science, straight women at their peak period of
fertility are far more accurate at picking up on “gaydar” than women
who aren't . They are so accurate that they only need
to look at someone’s face and can guess. The study says that these
women have no idea how they’re able to do it, so before your friend
stops ovulating, and her supernatural talent, we suggest you take
advantage of her gift. Sorry lesbians, they can't tell the difference between ladies, but dudes take note. The ovulating gals have a higher success rate after they've read about a romantic encounter. Head to Barnes & Nobles and grab a Danielle Steele if you're sick of guessing.

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