Orthodox High School Tells Their Girls: Get Off Facebook Or Get Out

Hasidic teenage girls, they're just like us! They too seek to waste hours on Facebook — presumably before sunset on Fridays — but school administrators at Beth Rivkah High School are trying to put the kibosh on all the "poking." Rabbi Benzion Stock explains that Facebook is "the wrong place for a Jewish girl to be," claiming it interferes with the traditional limits of orthodox Jewish modesty, aka "Tzniut." Guess this doesn't apply to $1600 sheitels, but regardless, us internet-loving R29ers hate to say that "Rav" might be on to something. The impenitent status updates we love to "Like," those inapropro photos we love to "limit" — it's not Sodom and Gomorrah, but it'll definitely make your "shtern" sweat. But Benzion lost us very soon after hello, stating that "girls are getting killed on the internet," before he called the murder-trap a "great way to ruin marriages and families." Fact: Dads on Facebook are totally awkward, but we still love them! The school isn't interested in our facts or alternatives, however, and is sticking to the policy that students need to delete their profile and pay a $100 fine mitzvah. If not, well, don't let the door hit you on the way out. SHALOM! (Jezebel)
Yiddish vocab lesson over, onto the deliberation — what do you think? Should Jewish law be more lenient in responding to changing times and trust the girls, or should tradition be upheld?

Photo: Via Jezebel

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