An Online Orgasm School? This Exists!

Orgasm_School-1Illustrated By Ly Ngo.
Newsflash: If you've always wanted to learn how to achieve a better orgasm — and were too embarrassed to consult a pro — you're in luck. There's an online school that will teach you everything you need to know about the big O (minus the help of a toy) without leaving the confines of your own home. Now, if you're asking yourself if this is any better than reading a season's worth of Cosmopolitan magazines, allow us to turn things over to Rachel Khona, a feisty (and funny!) gal who wrote about her experience on Your Tango.
For $180, a six-week course via Orgasmic Bliss promises to help you "discover secrets to a sexier and more vibrant life through amazing orgasms." So, curious (and slightly skeptical), Khona endured everything from the "sexy squeeze" (Kegels) to "emotional theater" (releasing negative emotions) but found more physical activities like a breast massage at the top of the list. And, despite the name, "pelvic streaming" left her "bored and asleep."
So, when all was said and done, Khona tested her know-how in the bedroom with her S.O. To her surprise, even oral sex intensified like never before. Admittedly being previously lazy when it came to achieving an orgasm (i.e. busting out the Pink Rabbit vibrator), the Energizer Bunny concluded that actually becoming in tune with all the sensations that come with a red hot sack session (hence all the crazy visualization lessons) may actually help. Oh, and those Kegels probably didn't hurt either. Check out Khona's detailed journey here. And, if you're looking to sign up yourself, visit the Orgasmic Bliss website. Best. Homework. Ever. (Your Tango)

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