Only In L.A.: Naked Therapy Is A Thing

Home of yoga-pilates fusion, hippie-dippie, self-help culture, L.A. is definitely known for being out-there and on the cusp of the newest—and sometime strangest—trends. And here's a prime example from a press release we received this morning: Meet the world’s first gay, male Naked Therapist-In-Training. Here’s what it’s about: Naked Training uses client arousal in order to facilitate deeper insight and discussions. Or so says the email from Sarah White Naked Therapy—who knew this was a thing?—who employs Randy Hastings (yes, you read that right, the man’s name is Randy). Now, before you pick up your phone to make an appointment (or call the health department), this not-yet-licensed “first gay male Naked Therapist-In-Training" still has a year of instruction ahead of him. The press release also states, “The purpose of this therapy is to make the arousal experience valuable and insightful, not banal and degrading.” Well, this is L.A., and in this town, sex definitely sells.(LAWeekly)

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