This Facebook Page Confronts Racism One Hijab At A Time

While the Travyon Martin case — and the Million Hoodies events protesting his death — continues to make waves throughout the media, the disturbing death of Shaima Alwadi is only now drawing similar attention. Beaten and left to die in her own San Diego house last month for, apparently, doing nothing more than being an observant Iraqi Muslim, Alwadi is quickly becoming a similar popular touchstone to Martin — speaking to America's Islamophobia instead of its mistreatment of African Americans. One Million Hijabs For Shaima Alawadi picks up on the Million Hoodie movement, asking women of all creeds and complexions to load up a photo of themselves in the traditional Muslim head wrap in solidarity. We can't help but be inspired and suggest you join in — after viewing this quick tutorial to learn how to wrap like a pro, of course. (Buzzfeed Shift)

Photo: Courtesy of One Million Hijabs

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