On the Scene: Lorick

The backstage area of Lorick's Spring '09 Presentation wasn't like the ones you see in movies—or in the Gossip Girl television show that have made Abigail Lorick's designs a hot commodity. Sure, there were half-naked models, but the vibe was relaxed, the music calm, and the designer welcoming. Even set designer Peter Klein admitted to having "10-pi-squared" amounts of fun messing up the intricately deconstructed vignettes. Klein got to destroy a beautiful cake with his bare hands and steal Connecticut lawn grass to create the aesthetic of six distinct scenes that yielded Vogue-caliber photos. Of course, it was Lorick's lady-like aesthetic that inspired the sets and proved, as the designer wished, that a girl in her clothing would "feel like a woman that could withstand everything, in any environment"—including a Fashion Week presentation with smashed TVs and chandeliers.

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