Let There Be Tears: This Sweet Video Will Have You Emailing Your Mom

As the types of people who usually go through boxes upon boxes of tissues each Olympics season, we've become almost impervious to the odd emotional ad spots that have become standard fare in the lead-up to the games. But then, we saw the video below.
This new P&G commercial follows four moms with kids in sports as they support, encourage, and (literally) carry their children as they grow from tots to Olympians. Says P&G, "Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. But it's also the best."
Never mind that — right now, the hardest job in the world is making sure our running mascara doesn't get all over our face. Seriously, it's time to email this gem to your own moms (and dads — don't forget the dads!), and click on over to our Mother's Day gift guide, because any lady who worked as hard as she did to make you as awesome as you are deserves way more than a potholder or a teapot.
Photo: Via P&G

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