The Best Olympic GIFs To Watch Over And Over And Over

The Olympics is a time for solemn pride in your country, reflecting on the greater world at large, and evidence of what years of strenuous training and dedication can yield. But, like anything televised on a massive scale and has plenty of money dumped into it, the '12 London Olympics provides heaps of ridiculousness, self-aware humor and moments of sheer, inspiring glee. Ridiculous, self-aware glee? There is nothing the GIF is better suited for, we believe.
We've scoured the internet and tapped our pals over at SB Nation (who do are live GIF Tweeting the entire Olympics. Amazing, right?) to compile the most heart-warming, LOL-inducing GIF London has bestowed upon us thus far. Who knows: If we get any more great footage of Aly Raisman's parents, we might have to do a part two.
Because nothing says "beach volleyball" like the jitterbug.

Photo: Courtesy of SB Nation

Oh, we're sorry, Your Highness. Are we disturbing you?
Photo: Via Uproxx
We've been there, Canadian Judo Bro. We've been there.
Photo: Courtesy of SB Nation
You go, McKayla Maroney. Get it done, and with style.

Photo: Courtesy of Thomas Houston

Forget Dance Moms. We should do a series called Swim Moms, starring Mrs. Phelps. (Please note the girl next to her, mouthing, "He got second!"
Those ambassadors of all that is good in England: the Absolutely Fabulous ladies.
Photo: Courtesy of Thomas Houston
Team America shows off their shaved pits, Olympic tattoos.

Photo: Courtesy of SB Nation

All of those crazy Olympic divers making absurd, hilarious faces — at once.
Photo: Courtesy of Thomas Houston
Last, but not least, those crazy, emotive Raismans, who have reacted their way into our hearts.
Photo: Via Grazia Daily

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