This Salt Spray Is A Hair Texturizer AND A Body Mist — Yes!

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I love a good multi-use product. Lip and cheek stain? Want it. Hydrating balm for lips and cuticles? Need it. But, sometimes I come across a product with multiple uses that don't seem to go together. Take, for example, Olivine's new sea-salt spray: It's for your hair and your body. Beach spray for skin? Yeah, I was a little skeptical, too. Salt spray creates gritty texture, which is awesome for hair but pretty much the opposite of what I'm looking for when it comes to how I want my skin to look and feel.
But, not one to shy away from something just because it sounds a little weird, I took this pretty little glass spray bottle for a test-drive — and was pleasantly surprised. Unlike a lot of other beach-hair sprays, it's made with hydrating salts like Himalayan pink salt. Plus, it contains fractionated coconut oil, which is the part of the oil that stays liquid at room temperature. So, rather than drying, the spray is moisturizing and doesn't lead to any of the stickiness I anticipated. It was actually refreshing on my arms and legs, with a light, ocean-y fragrance.
As for what it did to my hair? Like any quality beach spray, it created instant volume and tousled texture. But, due to the perfect balance of different salts and oil, my hair remained soft to the touch. Kind of a miracle.
Because the ingredient list is so simple — basically just water, different types of sea salt, and fractionated coconut oil — this is the kind of product that's pretty easy to DIY if you have the materials and the motivation. I have neither but really respect those of you who do.
Olivine Love + Salt Beach Hair And Body Mist, $10, available at Olivine.

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