Nylon Goes Digital, Kai Takes a Yaz, and Marc’s Got a New Muse

marth-borthwick-not-in-fashThe Times shows one of our favorite photographers, Mark Borthwick, some love. (NYT)
Frankly, just between us, we don't think Anne Hathaway is cool enough to be Marc Jacobs' new muse. No disrespect. That's just how it is. (Fashionologie)
There's a big 'ol padlock on the Beatrice Inn's door. Crap. Now where are we going to do blow with premium-cable stars? (CityFile)
Amy Molyneaux of PPQ can't live without her black polka-dot net knickers. (Guardian UK)
Garance Doré goes backstage at SNL, somehow forgets to chat up the Target Lady. (Garance Doré via Racked)
Nylon has done away with all the pesky paper, staples, and, you know, magazine parts that come with magazines, switching to a no-fuss, no-muss "digital edition". Naturally, they'll still take your money. (Missbehave)
Provocateur/designer Kai Kuhne nearly got thrown in the clink for taking a whizz bang on the street, only to be saved by his friends because—need we remind our pals—that's what friends do for each other. (The Cut)

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