Best of the Week: November 10-November 14

bestofweek1114081. Get A Leg Up
Leggings gone wild: bold with op-art! Sparkly with holograms! Discoballesque with sequins!
2. Velve(e)ta
Velvet: no longer awful-holiday-party-dress material.
3. Sexytime
Oh my, Steven Meisel is a diiiirty bird. And so are you. Yeah, you. You know you're going to check out these X-rated shots.
4. A Tisket, A Tasket
Urban Outfitters' basketweave clutch is easily confused with Bottega Veneta's. We won't be correcting that mistake.
5. One Day You're In
Hedging our CFDA bets: The fashion mafia select their favorites.
6. Something to Rev Your Engine
Purveyor of style classics and vintage wheels alike, may we present to you the new cool kid (er, shop) in town, Smith + Butler.
7. Zoë Trope
Mary-Kate, you better come with something post Hobo chic: Zoë Kravitz is giving other It girls a run for their money with her excellent style.
8. Kao: like Wow
Jen Kao's slate-gray minidresses, bat-wing blazers, and slouchy-pocketed jumpsuits are excellent.
9. Scent of a Designer
We all love Gareth Pugh's dresses (even Beyonce, apparently...still haven't gotten over that one.) Now you lust for Gareth's scent too. Do notes of gardenia fit with a sexyalienrobot look?
10. Press Play
To feel seriously transcendent, listen to this gem of a playlist (Final Fantasy, Department of Eagles, Air France, and more) as you stroll through the park and pretend your life is a movie with the best soundtrack.

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