9 Nostalgic ‘Dos That Are Rad Again

There are some hairstyles we sported back in the day (looking at you, middle-school years) that we'd like to bury deep in our subconscious. Like, way down there. That said, there are also a few tress choices from the past that we've come to terms with; in fact, we may even be able to say we love them. We know.
It seems like celebrities, too, are embracing some nostalgic mane moments. Lately, they've been wearing styles on the red carpet that are total throwbacks, sporting 'dos recalling their childhood or even those from decades before they were born. And, they're starting to make us long for the vintage looks we know and love (again). Click through to see our favorite styles of yore that are back and better than ever. Talk about a #flashbackfriday.

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