New Trend? Lorenzo Martone Dyes His Eyebrows Blonde

Okay, we were all a little weirded out (and secretly intrigued) by all the bleached eyebrows on the runway last year, but we were fairly certain the look would never trickle down and become something we'd actually see in real life. Until, of course, Lorenzo Martone showed up to last night's Matthew Williamson launch party sporting a pair of noticeably lighter brows. Perhaps if he lightened up his mane and beard, as well, it wouldn't look so shocking, but his dark hair makes the white brows all the more...interesting, especially since there's an obvious difference between his skin tone and the bleach color. We're going to go ahead and guess that this look isn't inspiring any of you to run out and buy some bleach, but do you think Lorenzo at least pulls it off?

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